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Nicholas Sasson, MD Blog

Nicholas Sasson, MD is a family practice physician from Monterey, California. He has been a physician for 14 yeas and is now the Medical Director of an outpatient clinic for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He is an expert in treating chronic pain, substance abuse, depression, PTSD, and women’s health issues.

Outside of work, Nicholas Sasson, MD enjoys playing and listening to music, hiking, traveling, and old trucks.

His Latest Blog Posts:

  • 10 Tips For Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

    July 15, 2021 by

    First, what is a carbon footprint and why does it matter? Your carbon footprint is the sum of all greenhouse gases, specifically carbon, that is emitted as a result of your activities and actions. According to the EPA, burning coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat is the largest single source of global… Read more

  • Student Highlight: H2a Botanicals

    July 9, 2021 by

    By Gillian Turner, Social Media & PR Specialist Sierra Goldstein is a student in the Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences Program. At age 14 she began to formulate her own products and is the founder of H2a Botanicals, a luxury skincare and wellness brand that she and her mother run. Getting Inspired Growing… Read more

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