Branding Your Wellness Business |

Whether you are training to become a holistic health teacher, practitioner or entrepreneur, developing your online presence and brand awareness is essential. Creating a platform from which to share your unique voice will place your product or service in front of the audience that will benefit from your expertise. from ACHS Holistic Health and Wellness […]

Echinacea: A Beautiful Flower with a Beautiful Purpose in Natural Health – Prof. Deryl Gulliford RRT, RCP, MHA, FAAMA | ACHS.EDU

Copyright: The Echinacea Story Echinacea is certainly one of the most popular dietary supplements in the United States today, but it took a rather circuitous route to achieve such popularity. Let’s start at the beginning. Echinacea grows wild in the central United States and Canada. There are ten distinct species of Echinacea identified, but […]

2020 End of Year Wrap Up – President’s Message |

I hope you celebrated the start of 2020 and the new decade with family and friends while taking time to rest and rejuvenate! As the new year begins, I want to take the opportunity to celebrate all we have achieved together at ACHS in 2019 and what we’re looking forward to in 2020. from ACHS […]

How to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

The threat of breast cancer seems to loom over every woman’s head, although men can get it too. If you have a family history of this disease, then you need to be particularly diligent about reducing your risk. Here are some ways that you fight off some of the risk factors of developing breast cancer. […]

Is that a worm in my apple or certified organic herbs? |

This blog is co-authored by Natalya Shepeleva, QA and GMP Coordinator at ACHS Foreign material found in Nettle Urtica dioica (L.)Image Copyright: ACHS Have you heard the joke? Question: “what is worse than finding a worm in your organic apple? Answer: “finding half a worm.” This may be a joke, but according to a CNN […]


This blog is co-authored by Amanda Lattin, ACHS Aromatherapy Program Chair, Professor So you’ve graduated from your ACHS program. What’s next? Are you ready to take the next steps? Before you put those books away and breathe a sigh of relief, get your board and registration exams scheduled and complete your professional membership applications! With […]

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