How Antibiotics Are Making Bacteria Resistant

Do you line up every winter to get your flu shot? Some people feel better getting their vaccinations and taking antibiotics while others have their reservations. There’s merit to both sides, as antibiotics could be causing bacteria to get stronger and more drug-resistant. The Point of Antibiotics The human body contains white blood cells, which […]

Alumni Highlight: Shannon Mesneak |

Shannon Mesneak is an ACHS AAS in CAM graduate who owns an herbal apothecary store in Longview, Washington. She graduated from ACHS in 2017, then went on to complete two internships: One in Hill, Texas with Dr. Lorie Rose, and one in Battleground, Washington with Dr. Jillian Stansbury.  Let’s Be Holistic Shannon opened Let’s Be […]

Alumni Highlight: Shanna Bynes |

Shanna Bynes is an Aromatherapist, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Natural Nail Specialist, and Professional Makeup artist who completed a Diploma in Aromatherapy from ACHS in 2019. She is the CEO of Grow Out Oils and also provides custom formulations  for physicians and high end luxury spas. Discovering essential oils Shanna’s interest in essential oils began with […]

The Reality of the Use of AI in Healthcare

Most of us think of artificial intelligence, or AI, in terms of technology and entertainment. Yet, AI has transcended all kinds of industries; these days, its advancements can be seen in the healthcare field. Here are some ways that AI is making its way into hospitals, clinics, and more. Easier Readings and Screenings One of […]

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